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Course: Integrating Spiritual Healthcare Into Nursing and Clinical Practice.

Trinity Counseling LLC now offering Chaplaincy services, Spiritual Healthcare Education courses, seminars, webinars, and Individual Spiritual Direction.

Trinity Counseling LLC provides interactive spiritual care courses, including small group discussions, for nurses and other healthcare professionals offered by Chaplain Teresa Durbak Sipos DMin, RN.

This course is suggested to enhance holistic clinical practice outcomes for both patients and healthcare professionals, and encourages participants to partner with their organization's chaplain, if available. Ideally, spiritual healthcare is theology applied to clinical practice. 

The course provides an opportunity for open discussion, reflection and group process of the other 1/3 of healthcare: spiritual healthcare. Defining spiritual healthcare provides a deeper understanding of theological terms, and teaches integration of theology with appropriate clinical interventions, improving the ability of nurses and clinicians to provide excellent integrated spiritual and clinical care. This course is also intended as a confidential support to nurses and other clinicians and only the lecture portion will be recorded, followed by live discussion or on-line posts.

Key concepts:

  • Reflection
  • Wisdom, Knowledge and Healing
  • Not a one-way webinar
  • Not a recorded event, confidential discussions
  • Not just for nurses anymore, all healthcare providers and caregivers welcome!


What is Reflection?

  • Not being on "auto-pilot" or reacting
  • Taking time to think, feel, process, make an informed decision, and respond appropriately
  • "Reflection is a process which helps you gain insight into your professional practice by thinking analytically about any element of it. The insights developed, and lessons learned, can be applied to maintain good practice, and can also lead to developments and improvements for both the professional and their service users."
  • Utilizes he clinical method of learning—action, reflection, action
  • Remember LECTIO DIVINA=


  • An example for theological reflection: The Good Samaritan


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